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Treasure Valley Real Estate Market Update – February 2018
Save the Date:  Wednesday, July 25 Chart Classes at Title One in Meridian.Headline:  January Market Takes Off like a ROCKET!Current Month’s Chart 1.  Select “Webb Charts” tab on the top strip, then “log in to Webb Charts.”  Username always stays the same but the password changes monthly on or about the 6 – 8th. 2.  Username: jerewebb 3.  Password:  4  Color Code:  This is the Title Background so you won’t miss it!Blue = Buyers OnlySilver = Sellers OnlyYellow = Both   January 2018 Inside Scoop – Ada CountyIf you

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With over 40 years of dedicated real estate experience Jere Webb has the knowledge and skills to advise you from an informed standpoint. His career in the industry has enabled him great insight into market conditions and how they may effect your investment.

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For over a decade Jeres Webb Chart program has been the go-to place to stay informed on market conditions - what they’re doing and where they’re going. These insights are absolutely necessary for the serious real estate investor and those new to the industry as well.

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