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Boise Therapeutic Massage Clinic
1114 N. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 83704

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Senteney Hoard
Cell: 208.713.0391
Office: 208.375.6272
Fax: 208.375.6445

For quite a number of years Phyllis and I have benefited from treatments at the Boise Therapeutic Massage Clinic.  Jeff Hoard is one of the owners and you will often find him at the front desk.  His wife, Senteney, is one of our favorite therapists as well as an owner of the company.  She has a tremendous practical knowledge of health and wholeness issues - quite an impressive young lady.  Jere & Phyllis Webb

Boise Therapeutic Massage Center has 28 certified massage therapists and is dedicated to providing the best in massage therapy.  They have very convenient hours and a very customer service driven philosophy.  I highly recommend BTMC to anyone looking for the ultimate in massage therapy.  BTMC is not a day spa nor a franchise.  In fact they are a family owned and operated business.

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