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Brad Wickam Painting


Brad Wickam
Office: 208.713.2055

Hi Jere:


I told you about the guy who painted the exterior of our house. He was very easy to work with, did a quality job with very good paint, and his price was reasonable.

Don Klinger

Bravo Painting
3725 Revere Ct.
Boise, ID 83706

Map & Directions

Jim Adams
Cell: 208.426.9700

This company has done great work for us!  Jere & Phyllis Webb

Collins Brothers Painting


Mike Collins
Office: 208.869.1199
Fax: 208.424.3345

I have known Mike for many years and he is a man of integrity.  His company mainly specializes in large commercial jobs; but during the winter he is able to do inside work of many different kinds.  Jere Webb

Impact Media
8117 E. Waterstone Ct.
Nampa, ID 83687

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Ed Tucker
Office: 208.697.1748

Ed Tucker has handled several painting jobs for me.  Prompt, Professional and reasonably priced.  A man of integrity that I highly respect.  Jere Webb

Specializing in Rental Home and Apartment Renovation

Painting • Carpet Cleaning

Repairs • General Cleaning

Rueco Painting
2007 S. Preakness Way
Nampa, ID 83686

Map & Directions

Boyd Rue
Cell: 208.941.1689
Office: 208.467.4390

My wife is very particular when it comes to painters working in our home.  Rueco painting did an outstanding job for us.  She was very pleased and that makes me happy!  Jere Webb

Shelubay Quality Painting
3210 E. Chinden Blvd.
Eagle, ID 83616

Map & Directions

Vlad Shelubay
Office: 208.250.6633
Fax: 208.938.1332

What a craftsman!  I have noticed that many of our best people in the building trades come from Europe.  Vlad did all of the painting in our new home at The Shores and it was fascinating to watch.  He is not satisfied to just "do the job" like others would.  He paints the woodwork so that the final product is like a fine piece of furniture.  He also has another business distressing wood using tools that have been handed down in his family from previous generations of fine craftsmen.  I recommend him highly.  Jere Webb

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