Sellers in Boise
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
"We have had the privilege to work with Jere when we bought our house and when we sold it seven years later. He is excellent on both sides of the business and we are more than happy with his expertise and untiring service! 6 out of 5 Stars! Troy Haagenson

Troy & Jennifer Haagenson
Buyers in Meridian
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
"Jere Webb went above and beyond in helping us find the right house for our family. He met with us and asked us questions taking the time to understand what we were looking for. Then he shared his perspective and guided us. We were blessed by Jere's experience, knowledge, and skills and we are very happy with our new home"

Marlon & Vanessa Seifert
Buyers in Garden City
"Jere, the house is wonderful. Just what we needed. And we love the neighborhood and location. Thank you for guiding us."

Mons & Julie Jensen
Buyers in Meridian
“Mr. Jere Webb is an exceptional realtor. He takes the time to get to know his clients and their desires, preferences, and style. He pays attention to the detail. We used Mr. Webb to help us find our forever home and he he went to bat for us to ensure we were treated fairly. He made sure the closing process was completed correctly and accurately. We felt comfortable moving forward with our purchase. We highly recommend Mr. Webb for all of your real estate needs!”

Jake & Christal Roldan
Seller in Boise
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
Jere was my real estate agent when I bought my first home in Boise in December 1999. Now, 20 years later, Jere was my real estate agent again as I recently sold my home (not the same one though). Jere is a man of great integrity and, with his vast experience and detailed knowledge of the market, he is truly someone you can trust and have complete confidence in throughout the buying or selling process. It was truly a pleasure to work with him, again, after all these years. I would highly recommend Jere to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

Monica Peters
Buyers and Sellers in Eagle
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
Jere, as you know, you sold our home on Aikens Court to us when we moved to Eagle in 2004. Then in 2013 you sold that home for us when we purchased our second home also in Eagle. We were impressed that thanks to you, both homes sold right away at above expected prices. When we decided to sell the second home we would not consider any other agent. (We had 5 offers in less than 5 days!) You are the best and we would recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home.

Jerry & Mary Mace
Buyers in Garden City
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
"We have done many transactions with Realtors in the past; but you were the most on top of it at all times! Thank you Jere, for assisting our purchase of a new Idahome! You're the bestest in the west.(est!)" Terry & Tricia Mace

Terry & Tricia Mace
Seller in Eagle Buyer in Star
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
I had the pleasure of selecting Jere Webb as my Realtor for both the sale and purchase of personal residences here in the Treasure Valley. His professionalism and expertise were very evident in the transactions. I found a great deal of solice in his trustworthiness and personality. He has made my experiences very pleasurable. I would highly recommend him for your real estate needs.

Vic & Brenda Bursell
Buyers and Sellers in Eagle
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
“Have successfully concluded several buy & sell transactions as a direct result of Jere’s guidance and expertise. A pre-deal plan, well developed pricing strategy and market place knowledge led to consistently superior results. In each case, our expectations were met or exceeded.” Dick & Linda Torre

Dick & Linda Torre
Buyers & Sellers in Nampa
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
We were very pleased with Jere Webb. He found a house for us and then when we had to move he sold it in one day. Jere is very professional and worked hard to do exactly what we wanted. Jean OHare

Hugh & Jean Ohare
Buyer in Eagle
1- Jere Webb was my landlord when I was renting in Eagle Pointe for 18 months and helped me build/buy my new house in Eagle. He gave me good advice on my home design and purchase and represented me well at closing and throughout the building process, which took over 6 months. He also let me extend my lease month-to-month which was great since my home completion was delayed several times by about 3 months. 2- Jere Webb is a Seventh-day Adventist Minister and an ethical real estate agent that will give you honest advice and not just try to "close the sale" He helped me greatly in my home purchase/build decisions and represented my interests not just his own. He also is a empirical analyst of real estate trends in the Treasure Valley and really knows his facts. The Boise Area is a highly competitive real estate market and you don't want to buy someone else's problem house just because it is the only thing available.

Steve Schaps
Seller in Boise
Jere helped me a second time to sell my house, and this time I had to sell it from a distance. He took care of all the details and made it happen quickly. He also helped my daughter and her husband buy a house at the same time, and he impressed them with his friendly spirit and helpfulness. We are thankful for Jere being in the business and recommend him.

Tim Lale
Buyers in Boise
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
Jere was so fun to work with and very helpful and knowledgeable. He guided us through several homes before we found the one and was so supportive along the way. We never felt pressured to settle on one we didn’t like. He’s a genuine guy and we highly recommend him for your home buying or selling needs.

Blake & Megan Oren
Buyers in Eagle
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
Jere Webb helped us with the purchase of a Brighton Home. He recommended options that we needed to purchase, negotiated between the builder and ourselves, and even went to the building site and took pictures of the progress being made on the house. Very good counsel. Ken & Donetta

Ken & Donetta Utt
Buyer in Kuna
Received your "Final Preparations for Closing" email, thank you so much. I continue to be amazed and grateful for the services and support you provide. Previously, over many years, I purchased and sold four homes. Each was an incredibly stressful, difficult experience. Never did any realtor offer the high quality services that you provide. I have been well-informed, guided by your experience, reassured by frequent communications and your outstanding professionalism. It is a pleasure to recommend you to friends and family. Thank you for being on my team! Gratefully, Leigh

Leigh Weimann
Seller & Buyer in Meridian
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
As a previous client with Jere, I purchased my very first home in 2011, I just knew I had to call him when it was time to sell and purchase a new home in 2017. My circumstances had changed. I was no longer a single woman with dogs and just starting my career, I was looking for a larger home for my new family, including my fiancé, three children and three dogs. We were looking for our dream home. There was much more to consider this time around, from getting a home ready to sell and pricing it, to lining that up with a closing date on buying a new home so we weren't displaced very long. Despite the intricacies of these transactions, Jere and his team made things as seamless as possible. We couldn't be happier! Jere has been a part of my family and our home buying and selling for years and I could not recommend anyone else if you want one of the most kind, knowledgeable, dedicated realtors in the valley. Thank you for your dedication Jere Webb!

Jenny Stear
Buyers in Emmett
Testimonial for JERE WEBB
"Having worked with several realtors in the past 30 or so years - including spending a good five weeks in the Northern California area, looking for property - Barbara and I have been most blessed in working with you these past few weeks in locating property in the Boise area of Idaho. They have all been good to work with, with specialties in various areas of real estate. But I want you to know, that Barbara and I have been most impressed with the expertise and knowledge you have demonstrated in all areas of the field. Not the least being, a "people" client oriented agent. You certainly took great care of us. Locating property that really fit what we were looking for in the Emmett (Gem) Valley. You were with us every step of the way, keeping us informed via emails and by telephone. And of you time and efforts have most appreciated. As you know, escrow is to close in two days, and we will be taking possession of our new home. And after living in our 24 ft travel trailer for over two and a half months; what a relief it will be. Having taken some courses in real estate myself, we both know the mantra is: location, location, location! And with the blessing of The Lord, we believe this is indeed the best location for us, with all the things we were looking for, and then some. And so, we want to say: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you; for your "Big" part is making this possible." Your friends, Wes & Barbara McCoy

Wes & Barbara McCoy
Sellers in Eagle
Hi Jere, A great big thank you for a job well done. We were happily surprised that you sold our little house so soon. We knew it was a nice house and great neighborhood so we expected it to sell right away, but to have it sell in a couple of days after listing and close in about 10 days (for cash) was a serendipity. We depended on your expertise and you came through for us. Gratefully yours, Jerry and Mary Mace

Jerry & Mary Mace
Buyers & Sellers in Eagle & Meridian
During the past year we have been doing business with Jere Webb. We have received great customer service. Jere was very helpful in facilitating the sale of our home which sold in one week and he helped us purchase two rental homes. Jere gave us solid information for the pricing of our home and taking care of all the paper work in a timely and smooth manner.

Russ & Sue Mayer
Seller in Boise & Buyer in Meridian
I must say I was so thrilled to have Jere Webb handle the sale of my house as well as the purchase of my new home. He was a delight to work with. So knowledgeable in the field as well as patient and thorough during the entire process. I couldn’t be happier and I am glad to recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home or purchase one in the Treasure Valley.

Mary Duncan
Buyer in Meridian
I truly appreciate knowing any real estate deals with you will go perfectly. You've always got my back just like the friend you are. Only the best to you.

Jacklyn Brown
Sellers in Boise
To Our Hero, Jere Webb. Since purchasing two homes and now selling one in record speed time, our forever thanks for making the process so easy for us. We will recommend Jere Webb to anyone we know that is planning to sell or looking to buy. Thank You Jere, a very good friend . Always Phil and Linda Wright

Phil & Linda Wright
Buyers in Meridian
I chose Jere Webb because of his professionalism and I wanted the best agent to work with in making the large investment required to purchase a house. Jere did not know it, but he was tested as to whether he was solely interested in making a quick sale and commission. He exceeded expectations. He spent time in determining what my needs and desires were and then in pointing various deficiencies in houses we looked at, such as observing the orientation of the houses to the path of the sun, a matter of considerable concern to one who is anxious to remain as cool as possible. There was hardly a need for a house inspector after he coached me. I made a good purchase, then our plans changed. We decided to not relocate to the Boise area at that time No problem! I talked to Jere and was able to use his extensive experience as a property manager to pick an ideal renter. When that renter was remarried and purchased a fine home, Jere had another renter selected and moved in without the loss of a day’s rent. In fact, we gained a couple of days rent. And, I have no worries for the future because Jere has prepared his lovely assistant, Gayle, to manage the rentals along with him. She is already capable of taking over without a hitch. It is all a great alternative to managing a rental on one's own. Good renters, reliable rents, honest maintenance fees and no worries. I highly recommend Jere as both realtor and property manager, and his excellent assistant, Gale. Ross and Dianne Kendall

Ross & Dianne Kendall
Sellers in Eagle
"Jere is more than a professional realtor, he is more like your personal advisor and friend. You can count on him to always be honest and work diligently to serve your best interests. We are leaving the area and won't be able to use his services again, but we don't hesitate to recommend him highly." Ed & Marie Bushong

Ed & Marie Bushong
Sellers & Buyers in Eagle
Jere is responsive, calm, clear headed and delightful to work. Beginning with a methodical determination of your home’s current market value Jere’s professionalism and experience means a timely sale at the best possible price. Highly recommended whether buying or selling. Thanks Jere! Three-peat customers Kim Wilson and Peter Roberts, Eagle.

Peter Roberts & Kim Wilson
Buyers in Boise
We just want to say thank you for doing such a great job. You were a lot of help and made the whole experience easy for us. We had Gary picked up the keys today and we are still in shock that we have such a beautiful home waiting for us. Thanks so much!

Gary & Laurel Thomas
Sellers in Meridian
Thanks again for being such an awesome agent. We have friends in Texas that are wanting to sell there house. It's been on the market a month already and they have had one looker. And that person just was curious about the house, not a serious buyer. Wow...what a difference! You are the best.

Jim & Naomi Coleman
Buyers in Meridian
Jere Webb has now handled six housing transactions for us over the years and each time he has given excellent professional service. The purchases and sales Jere has conducted for us have moved quickly and timely. He stays in touch and is very quick in responding to any inquiry. Jere knows real estate and how to get the deal done without a lot of fuss and needless frustration for his clients. We highly recommend Jere for your real estate needs whether you are buying or selling. And he's just a nice a guy to deal with as an added bonus.

Bob & Nancy Kyte
Seller in Eagle
Thank you so much for guiding the whole process of the quick sale of our house. Not only did you have a willing buyer after only one open house, but your skill in evaluating the price point,and advising us through the negotiation was of the highest standards. I am sure we and the buyer feel that it was a win/win all round. What a joy to work with a godly man with the highest ethics. You made me feel so good about this whole transaction. Thanks again Jere.

Don Wyckoff
Buyers in Nampa
We are so excited with our new home! Thanks to you, Jere! Your expertise of being a good listener and hearing what we wanted in a new home is probably what we appreciated the very most! Although your input in helping us hear your opinion of various properties, was a great blessing to us, too! It has been so great being able to relax with the knowledge that we could trust you to look out for our well being. You can be sure we will be sharing our positive experience of working with you, with friends, as they may be need help in buying their new home! Thanks again, Chuck & Dona

Chuck & Dona Fulmore
Buyer in Nampa
"On May 6th we got a letter giving us 30 days to move. I wasn't sure how I would be able to move in time. At the time I thought there was no way I could find a house and close in time. Boy was I wrong! Jere Webb was fast at my service to help us find the best place for my family. Within a week I found our house! Jere pointed me in the right direction to make the house mine and our offer was accepted the same day! And as if that wasn't enough amazment to me, Guild Mortgage wowed me too. In 10 days from making my offer I closed on our house! What a great God we serve! A big thanks for a great team of people coming together to help our family in a time of need."

Jessica Carpenter
Renters & Buyers in Meridian
Being treated with great honesty, respect and sincerity made it a pleasure working with Jere Webb, our Real Estate Broker. We would highly recommend Jere as a full service Real Estate agent with outstanding professionalism, and expertise in the Real Estate market, whether buying, selling or looking for a home to rent. Steve & Renee Whittaker

Steve & Renee Whittaker
Buyers in Meridian Sellers in Weiser
"Jere took extra time to listen to what we were looking for and to educate us on the market. His attentiveness enabled us to find the perfect home for our family’s needs. We have lived there for a few months now and the location is perfect. We liked his work well enough that we have had him sell our old home even though it is not in the immediate area."

Tomm & Michelle Lemon
Buyers in Nampa
"Jere Webb helped my wife and I buy our first home. Jere was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process. Jere is very good at finding the right house for the right price. His experience in real estate is impressive and he was able to make the most of our money even in a sellers market. It was obvious that we could trust him from the first time we started the process. By the time we had signed on our home it was like a family friend helped us buy our house and our friend just happened to be the best in the valley." Jacob and Amanda Weber.

Jacob & Amanda Weber
Buyers in Horseshoe Bend
We are very grateful to have had Jere as our Real Estate agent. He met with us and took time to learn what each of us were looking for in our new home. It was well worth it. We found what we wanted and got it! Thank you Jere, from the bottom of our hearts. Van and Aurora

Van & Aurora Araujo
Buyers in Boise
Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding work you did for my family. We love the home and your thoroughness made us very comfortable with the whole process. Thanks for you hard work and sincerity of purpose. We have a great home because of it!

Troy & Jennifer Haagenson
Buyers in Boise
Thank you Jere Webb for providing us with your wealth of knowledge about the Boise-area real estate market. Jere was very focused on identifying what mattered to us for our future home and was able to recommend neighborhoods that fit us perfectly. Jere always had our best interest in mind. We were impressed that he never pressured us to make a decision (as we saw countless viewings over several months) and in the end we were able to buy a house we love, in a desirable neighborhood for a great price. Kristin

Steven Menicucci & Kristen Snopkowski
Buyers in Meridian
"When we made the decision to relocate to Idaho from Illinois and purchase a home in Meridian, we did not realize that it would happen so efficiently and quickly! We were referred to you by our daughter who had friends who had experienced your professionalism in the real estate market and we were not disappointed in the job performed by you! One thing we particularly liked was your emailing us potential homes that were in our price range and our particular points of interest in a home. We had the time to peruse these homes and choose the ones we wanted to see. When we arrived in your office, you were ready to show them on the screen and point out particular strengths and weaknesses in each home. It had been some time since we had purchased a home and we felt a bit cautious. You helped us in that situation by showing us charts and relating facts to help us make some choices. Thank you for that. We also appreciated your patience while we looked at homes and couldn't make up our minds. You even returned us to some previously seen homes to compare them against each other again. You made us feel at home with you and we appreciated that as well. Thank you so much for going above the call of duty in our behalf. We appreciate you and your professionalism, experience, knowledge, integrity, and warmth. We highly recommend you to anyone who requires a real professional to buy or sell their home. We are really enjoying our new home. It is everything and more that we expected thanks to you!"

Morris & Carol Mattson
Sellers in Meridian
We would like to express our heartfelt thank you in helping us sell a house that needed much attention to prepare for the market. We were overwhelmed at the time with the thoughts of how we were going to do all this and try to have the house sell, hopefully not taking a year or so to complete our goal. We turned to you knowing that recommending you to a relative who was so pleased with your professionalism finding them a home that we would be in great hands. You found the correct person to help us renovate the house at an affordable cost (which took so much stress off us) then marketed the house selling it within two months. Even though the house was not a large home located in a more well-to-do neighborhood, you gave us the same professional attention reaching our expected goals in selling the house. We would recommended to the community in getting in touch with "Jere Webb" for their real estate needs because of his professional experience, knowledge and integrity who speaks the truth with a client (or potential) in gentle, kind words describing what he is able and not able to do for the real estate request. We know we will be calling on you again in the future for our real estate needs.

Randy & Kathleen Rudeen
Buyers & Sellers in Meridian
We were given a glowing referral to Jere by a close friend of mine, and we still cannot believe how unbelievably lucky we have been to have him on our side!!! Jere has a heart for people, and a head for business. He works absolutely tirelessly for you, and is ALWAYS available for your every need! He helped us get the best deal in every single aspect of both our home buying, and selling, down to getting the best lender with the best rates. He was by our side at closing, checking every document line by line, with a great big smile and hearty congratulations at the end! We would put ourselves in Jere's exceptionally capable hands again in a millisecond! Our families are just as impressed seeing him in action, and in the future will consider no one else! We just cannot thank him enough for him just being him!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! Travis & Angie Book

Travis & Angie Book
Sellers in Meridian
Wonderful news and congratulations on your new adventure in the Real Estate world. We would like to thank you for all your efforts in selling our lot at Spurwing. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly a Real Estate Professional which includes experience, perseverance, knowledge, and technical skills. But first and foremost you are a warm and engaging gentleman. Both Reenie and I would highly recommend you to future clients

Dick & Reenie Zickuhr
Buyers In Boise
While we were still in the process of moving into the home that we had chosen to rent, we received notice from the property management company, that the owner had decided to sell the very house that we had decided to live in & call our home! This particular house had met so many of the needs within our family; so, the thought of moving out...(while we were still trying to move in)...was a very sad situation for all of us. After much prayer about this situation, I felt God impressing upon me that we needed to buy this house. When I approached my family with this idea, they asked me who I was going to use for a Real Estate Agent. My immediate response was to remind them that there is only one Realtor I know of, who can get the job done the way it needs to be done...& that person is Jere Webb!!! (I wanted someone representing me that I could trust to look out for my best interests, while taking the idea of buying this home, & turning it from a dream into a reality). I knew that this situation would require special skills & experience -(I was wanting to buy a home from an out of state owner with no contact information available to me; I didn't know who he had chosen for his Real Estate Agent, so still there was no way to be able to contact anyone before it hit the open market; & I was under a rental lease from a property management company, who had been given instructions by the owner to try to buy the tenants (that's us!) out of our lease, because he wanted to have a vacant house to place on the market within the month). I needed a Realtor who had the experience, knowledge, & wisdom to get his homework done quickly -(researching the property info, obtaining owner contact info, etc.); & then put together a plan of action to prepare to approach the owner with the type of negotiation skills that would convince the Owner to accept 'my' offer, rather than placing the house on the market for 'someone else' to buy out from under us! Not all Realtors have the kind of negotiation skills that Jere Webb has. Having worked for Jere a few years back as his Real Estate Assistant, I truly do know first-hand just how good he is at negotiating in difficult situations! (I've even referred to Jere Webb many times as the "King of Negotiations")! I also know how well he can put together a solid deal quickly when time is a real factor (& to do it without missing a beat), confidently covering all bases, while leaving nothing to chance. I've seen Jere in action, while working diligently every step of the way for his Clients, doing all the various things that he does so well, (& that I now needed done for me). I knew that if anyone could get this deal accomplished (in the short window of opportunity we had to work with before this house hit the open market); that Jere is the one that I could trust to look out for my interests, while getting the job done (& done right). Because I had chosen Jere Webb to turn my family's dream into a reality, not only were we able to buy our 'perfect home' at the price we wanted; (& in the timeframe we needed); but, Jere even managed to get our Earnest Money refunded back to us at Closing!!! What more can I say, except that Jere Webb really does know how to negotiate a solid deal, while looking out for his Client's best interests throughout the entire process!

Andy & Diane Ludwig
Sellers in Boise
We would like to thank you for representing our interests by facilitating the sale of our home in Boise, Idaho. Finding your name by way of an Internet search was divine guidance. I still remember your first words when I placed the phone call: "How may I serve you?" Those words told us all we needed to know. We had thought about selling our home in the spring of 2015 rather than during the approaching winter months, but your statistical references supported our decision to list our home in October 2014. Your elaborate research and knowledge helped us have confidence on a fair price for seller as well as buyer. Our home sold in 14 days. Boise is a wonderful city and we have many fond memories and experiences with our family over the past eight years. We highly recommend Boise to many friends and acquaintances who are seeking a city in which to live. We would also recommend your services to others who are seeking to buy or sell a home.

Stan & Cindy Nalywaiko
Sellers in Boise
We have the privilege of working with Jere Webb in the selling of our Boise home. I contacted Jere at the end of September after having my home on the market for months. In less than a week, we had an offer and closed in 30 days. His professionalism was second to none in our experience. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. The lines of communication were always open and we felt apart of the process all the way through. Thanks so much Jere,

Adam & Holly Dovich
Buyers in Caldwell
"Jere, all the thanks in the world for your hard work and dedication in helping us get our home. You never stopped until it was ours. We would still be fighting the process if it were not for you. You helped us get the best Christmas present of our lives!"

Robert & Sandy Elsbury
Sellers in Caldwell
"Thank you Jere Webb for your perseverance with USBank on the sale of our daughters home. It took a year and half to satisfy the bank with the paperwork. You have an enormous file of emails and paperwork that transpired during the transaction. Thank you Jere for sticking with the sale and not giving up."

Wayne, Nancy, and Rebecca Weikel
Buyers and Sellers in Kuna
Jere, We truly appreciate everything you have done! You are a Gentleman & a Scholar of the real estate business! From renting to Buying & selling, you are the best! Couldn't have met a better friend! Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts! Greg & Debbie Lujan

Greg & Debbie Lujan
Buyer In Meridian
Jere has been a tremendous help in making my buying experience a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet him through renting one of his properties. I was impressed with his professionalism and truly caring about my needs. So when I was ready to buy I contacted Jere and he was right on it. I am a busy professional and did not have a lot of time to look and research. Jere sat me down, played what I thought was a silly game when we started, to find out what my requirements and desires were in my new home. It made you really think and was very helpful to me. This game gave Jere the knowledge and understanding to find me what I wanted. Jere's negotiation skills are an A+ and he truly was there to protect me as his client. I would definitely recommend Jere to anyone looking for a new home. I not only have a great realtor but gained a friend for life. Thank you so much Jere....Your awesome!

Kelli Bell
Buyer in Boise
Jere, thank you again for your amazing tireless efforts on my behalf. This is the 3rd time I have required your expertise and you delivered way above the expectation. I can not thank you enough. When it was TIME TO PERFORM, You LET ER RIP TATOR CHIP!

Bobby Anderson
Buyers in Nampa
Don & I want to thank-you for guiding us through the journey of a short sale. We appreciate your experience, expertise, integrity and professionalism. Thank-you for always returning our phone calls and emails promptly and efficiently. Thank-you for your excellent follow-up both during and following our purchase. We are going to be very happy in our new home.

Don & Lynda Sinigiani
Buyers in Boise
Jere's service has been exceptional. He is a nice guy that answered any questions we had and if he did not have the answer he would find it out for us. He was very quick at returning phone calls even when he was on vacation! We feel very pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone looking for a new house. As first time home buyers we had many questions and issues that popped up; but Jere always had a positive attitude and looked out for what was best for us, certainly someone who cares about his job and his clients. THANKS Jere!!

Jamie & Michelle Oster
Buyers in Kuna
Being a first time home buyer in the short sale market of 2009, was a very long process that was made a lot easier knowing that we had Jere representing us in the process. Even though it took way longer than expected Mr. Webb never let up and fought for us till the day we finally had a done deal. Jere is a kind, knowledgeable, and friendly individual that made a frustrating situation a lot easier. Every since Jere represented us we have and will continue to recommend Jere to represent anybody about to go through the process of either buying or selling a house. To prove that Jere is not your ordinary "be your friend just while representing you guy", Jere still to this day is in contact with us to see how the new house is treating us. If we ever have to do this again we would love for Jere to help us out any way possible.

John & Jamie Wind
Buyers in Kuna
Talk about a Realtor that gives you A1 Service! Whenever I called Jere he would either answer his phone - or get right back to me promptly. He is a Godly, honest man who always tried to get us the very best deal. He will work hard for you and find you the home of your dreams.

Dennis & Sherry Woodbury
Buyers in Nampa
Jere has been a very professional and knowledgeable agent. He explained and walked us through the process of buying a home. My husband made the statement "it wasn't bad at all". Thank you Jere...

Wally & Pam Lindgren
Buyers in Meridian
We are extremely happy with the job that Jere Webb did in finding us the home that we wanted. He was patient and listened to us in what we were looking for in a home. When he found the right home for us, he worked extra hard to get us in that home as soon as possible. We were a little concerned because it was a short sale, but Jere's experience and expertise got us moved in after only one month! Thank you, Jere - you've exceeded our expectations!

Steve & Kim Eichelmeier
Buyers & Sellers in Eagle & Boise
Over the years we have worked with many realtors, but you are one of a kind. Your professionalism and dedication to our real estate needs continues to impress us. We truly appreciate all of your hard work, honesty and commitment when working together whether we're buying or selling. You are always our top recommendation to anyone who mentions they are in need of a great realtor. Thanks for all you do! Gary and Tammy Schacher Northern Construction Homes

Gary & Tammy Schacher
Sellers in Meridian
In 2010, Sharon and I decided to sell our beautiful home in Stonebriar. We knew we were facing a difficult selling challenge. Nothing had sold in the 1,500,000 price range in Southern Idaho for a long time. After researching various agents, we chose Jere Webb to market our home. Jere invested money and a lot of time marketing our home. He was able to negotiate a sales price that sets a new high for the Treasure Valley. We felt like we were partners with a truly professional Realtor in this venture. Sincerely, Larry and Sharon Shideler

Larry & Sharon Shideler
Sellers in Boise
When we decided to test the market to sell our home in this downturned economy, we turned to Jere. With his knowledge and skillful marketing, our home sold faster than we ever expected. Thanks Jere.

Randy & Donna Hesgard
Buyers in Middleton
We found Jere's methods of helping us define our search most helpful. His availability during our search was appreciated. Once we found a house we liked Jere really went to work for us, coordinating all the pieces of the puzzle so well that we closed ten days early. Thanks Jere.

John & Tonya Rogers
Buyer in Boise
Jere Webb did an outstanding job with helping me purchase my first home. We looked for four months to find the home that was just right for me. He stuck by me and made my first home buying experience much easier than I thought it would be. He took control of overseeing all ends of the process, made sure everything was done correctly, and eased me through the purchase. I will with out a doubt look to Jere any time in the future when I need to sell or purchase a house and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house. Thank you so much for your time and care with me in my first house purchase.

Travis Newkirk
Buyers in Eagle
I can’t say enough good things about Jere Webb! Not only did he help my parents find the perfect home, but he recently helped us find an ideal home for my mother-in-law. Not seeing the home until she moved in, she is thrilled with it. We could not have picked this home without Jere’s help and expertise. He was incredibly patient with us, as we were under pressure to pick a home without my mother-in-law’s opinion. Jere not only strived to make the process relatively easy for us, but he really cared about making our mother-in-law happy as well. His knowledge of the real estate market is amazing and invaluable. Thank you, Jere, for your thoughtfulness and caring attitude in helping my family!

Paul & Sandy Mann
Buyers in Meridian
What a joy it was to work with Jere Webb. We were pleased ten years ago when he sold our home. We couldn't imagine going to anyone else when we wanted to buy. Jere was very professional and efficient in his work with us. He kept us on track. From the first day of looking, until the closing date was less then three weeks. I will recommend Jere to all that I know that wants to buy a home. Thank you, Jere.

Jim & Naomi Coleman
Buyers in Boise
We really enjoyed the experience of finding a good home with Jere's help. He is one of the best realtors we have ever known. He is honest and works hard for his clients. He really does the research to know what the fair market value is and thus what to offer. He spends the time to understand what your requirements are and what your budget is. He did not try to show us homes beyond what we wanted to spend (which we appreciated). When we found a good deal he acted immediately to get an offer in place. He gave excellent advise of when to stand firm on an offer and keep looking when not accepted. We ended up finding an even better deal and then he helped us through the several rounds of negotiations to close. We strongly recommend Jere to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Todd & Ruth Crawford
Sellers in Eagle
Jere Webb's ability to sell our home rapidly was a direct result of his extensive market analysis and validation capability he utilizes with each listing. The analysis and resulting benchmarking was key in assuring we were priced right and that we knew what completion we had at our price point. Jere's extensive experience in selling high end homes in Eagle was key in the proper positioning of our homes initial pricing as well as final negotiates with prospective buyers. These attributes plus Jere's uncompromising integrity made the entire listing, and final closing process virtually stress free.

Glenn & Debra Ingram
Sellers in Eagle
We were pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and wisdom Jere provided us in the sale of our house. Jere was open and honest with us concerning the value of our home and the steps that were needed to market our house appropriately in this most difficult market. Our house sold quickly in a market that has several months’ worth of inventory. In fact there were 5 houses for sale in our block and only 1 sold. Thank you for helping us make our house the one that sold. Your advice on staging, price and work to be done was spot on! And I didn’t even mention the advice on the cats and dogs! Thank’s Jere!

Dave & Barb McDermott
Buyer in Meridian
I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and success in helping me find my house. I have been here now two months already and I still love this place and the whole deal. Your service is very professional and efficient and I enjoyed working with you.

George Thomason
Buyer in Meridian
"It wasn't long after you went to work for me, that I realized I was being taken care of by a top professional. You not only know your business of real estate, but you listened to my needs, and acted accordingly to make me a happy, satisfied customer. Your humble and upbeat attitude puts you ahead of the pack, as far as I'm concerned. I would recommend your services, and I'm sure we will do more business in the future. Thanks Jere!"

Alan Rosenkrantz
Buyers in Boise
Thank You for being our realitor. We are so glad that we chose you to do our business. We are happy with our house and our two boys are happy too. Whenever we buy a house from you Jere it is a blessing and the timing is always right. We highly recommend you has a realitor to any of our friends and associates.

Frank & LaDonna Skupowski
Seller in Boise
Thank you Jere for your help in selling my home in Boise. Your expertise was so greatly appreciated in helping to close things smoothly in Boise and relocate to Seattle. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending the year end tax information.

Melba Bentley
Sellers in Meridian Buyers in Nampa
As a buyer and seller, I was emotional about my home. This is not a good state of mind when dealing with large sums of money - in fact, the largest transaction of the my life. This is where an experienced real estate agent earns the commission. You worked the deal meticulously in my best interest, and you gave cool-headed advice when I was emotional. I was able to have full confidence in the quality of your work. You represented me in multiple deals, and I never had to worry about making mistakes. You took care of the important details, and, for the first time in my life, I was able to actually enjoy the experience of closing on a home. Hiring you meant the deal was done right. All bases were covered. You have my highest regards and my best recommendation.

David & Catherine Weber
Sellers in Eagle
Thank you for everything Jere. You were a great realtor - everything from the quantitative market analysis to the solid approach of appropriate pricing - we were served well by you!

Susan and Doug Cole
Sellers & Buyers in Nampa
Jere, you made the purchase of our new home so easy and smooth. Thanks for always being there and giving us advice. You put up with us being so hard to please. Our dream has come true with your help.

Rick and Lori Daniel
Seller in Boise, Buyer in Caldwell
I have bought and sold many houses over the years, but have never had an agent who was more dedicated, energetic, and caring! Jere has become a lifelong friend to me. His high standards and integrity are truly refreshing.

Sharon Wasden
Buyers in Meridian & Investment Buyers in Nampa
I am a regular customer of Jere Webb's and highly recommend his efficient, professional service. I rest well knowing that he & his team have each transaction detail covered completely

Dave & Kelley Taylor
Seller & Buyer in Boise
After interviewing several agents to sell my home (one of whom I’d purchased the house from), I felt Jere’s knowledge of the local markets coupled with his professional and courteous manner, would guarantee a quick and profitable sale; I was not in the least disappointed! I must also commend his administrative assistant, Diane Ludwig, who performed “magic and miracles” on arranging a closing of a replacement residence in advance of the closing sale. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jere and his team to my family and friends

Keith A. DeMeyer
Sellers in Meridian Buyers & Sellers in Boise
We always felt like we were Jere's most important customer. Jere really knows how to look at the housing market from all angles.

Andy & Cheryl Seal
Investment Buyers in Boise
Eugene and I truly enjoyed your style of business. Not only did you manage to make house buying fun, you also made us feel like family.

Irma & Eugene Balazs
Investment Buyers in Boise
My husband & I recently bought a rental house through Jere Webb. We live in Alaska, but Jere & his assistant, Diane Ludwig, kept all the parts of our transaction coordinated and on schedule so we could take care of everything from our home town. We so appreciate their integrity and attentiveness.

Monte & Jerilyn Burtch
Buyer in Meridian
We just want to say Thank You!!! Your service has been top notch from the start. You listened to our needs and succeeded in every way. You always followed through on everything you said you would. It's hard to find such a dedicated and experienced realtor. We will recommend you to anyone we know that is looking for a home in Idaho.

Kelly & Pam Greene
Sellers & Buyers in Eagle
Jere shared his ideas with us on how to sell a home in a timely fashion. We went on a 10 day vacation and upon our return he presented us with an offer at almost full price! He is a very professional, ethical Realtor with a great knack for finding what is important to his clients.

Mike and Lori Kirby
Buyers and Investment Sellers in Nampa
My husband and I would like to express our appreciation for the way Jere Webb handled every aspect of our recent purchase. He is a true professional whose ethics are above reproach - and more than that we have acquired a true friend. We cannot recommend him too highly, as we feel he is the best!

Glenn & Rachel Knapp
Sellers in Boise
I rarely find someone in the service industry who exceeds my expectations. Jere has exceeded my expectations on both of our house transactions. I have recommended him to my friends and they thanked me for the introduction! Excellent service! - Terry Fritz

Terry & Shelly Fritz
Sellers in Caldwell
Jere Webb was such a blessing to have as our Realtor. We needed to sell rather quickly and he got the job done in 14 days! He was always willing to lend an ear to listen to any of our concerns. Diane Ludwig is an awesome assistant and was so caring and helpful. Whenever we had a question or needed information she was always able to help. We loved the great service that Jere provided to us. Jere will be recommended to anyone we know who is considering listing a property.

Stephen & Stephanie Burger
Sellers in Boise
Jere Webb made the house-selling process easy for us. His through research and analysis of the marketplace gave us confidence in his leadership throughout each step of the process. We were very pleased with the results.

Rhea & Susan Harvey
First Time Buyers in Meridian
Working with Jere was amazing. He listened and understood exactly what we were looking for in a home. We were working with a very short deadline and Jere managed to get us to closing within 9 days! I would recommend Jere's services to anyone who is looking looking for a home especially to first home buyers as his knowledge and expertise in real estate will allow you to feel confident in making one of the best investment decisions of your life.

Jesse & Candi Zappia
Buyer in Boise
Thank you Jere! You listened and knew what I wanted probably more so than I knew. I always felt like I was your one and only client!

Pam McEwan
Buyers in Boise
Jere was committed to making sure we found the right house for us, and after several months in our new home we couldn't be happier. His exceptional research and guidance made searching for our first home an exciting and relatively stress-free experience. Thank you Jere! We were truly blessed to have you helping us through this process.

Cameron & Adriel Cook
Experienced Buyers in Kuna
As a former Realtor, I found Jere to be one of the most knowledgeble and professional agents I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him and all the extra "services" he provides.

Earl & Diana Engmark
Buyers in Meridian
Randy and I want to take the opportunity to thank you for helping us to find such a wonderful home in Meridian. I know I took up a lot of your time, but you never made me feel like it was an imposition. We have never had a Real Estate Agent that cared so much about our needs and wishes as you did. As you know, the house we chose did not make our cut list. However, you knew it had just about everything on our list of wishes but fell short on the square feet. Thanks to you ,we added it back on and we are so grateful. It was the first time Randy has really been crazy for a house in our 34 years of marriage. And we almost missed it. We will proudly recommend you to our friends and clients and hope you will refer Randy as well. Friends are always welcome here at our house. Looking forward to a wonderful relationship between us.

Randy & Carrie Welborn
Buyers in Meridian
Jere has once again proven to be a fabulous realtor for us! This is our fourth real estate transaction with him and he makes buying (or selling) a house a great event and as worry free as you can get it. He is professional, competent, does his homework to get what we want and anticipates our needs during the closing process in a great way. Jere is our "go to" guy for real estate in Treasure Valley.

Bob & Nancy Kyte
Buyers in Nampa
Jere Webb literally went the second mile for us--cheerfully spending untold hours, traveling countless miles and sharing his profesional advice--as we searched for and found our new home.

Dan & JoAnn McKey
Seller in Meridian
You were a capable and conscientious realtor! Thank you for facilitating the sale of our home - we will confidently refer your services to friends and family.

Scott & Michelle Cady
Sellers in Nampa, Buyers in Meridian
Jere is the BEST! We have bought and sold many houses over the years and by far, Jere Webb is the best realtor we have worked with. His positive attitude, knowledge of the market, and team of experts guided us through a maze of new government regulations and underwriter hoop jumping as a result of the recent mortgage crisis and recession. Jere’s strengths are numerous and one that stands above all others for us is his honesty. We appreciated his candor about the current market for the house we were selling and backed it up with facts and figures. When he spoke about market conditions he provided details and charts to show that he wasn’t just pulling numbers out of the air, as we had experienced with others in the past. Jere is a true gem, and we highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a home.

Dave & Audra Pratt
Buyers in Nampa
We are beyond pleased with Jere's service. He basically took over all roles, answered all of our questions, and truly treated us like we were the only customers. He was always prompt and truly the only person in this process (for us first time home buyers) that we felt comfortable contacting to ask questions or to have things clarified. We highly recommend Jere to anyone: he's knowledgable, enthusiastic, and genuine--hard traits to come by in this business.

Zach & Sharlee Hatch
Buyer in Boise
Jere, when I first started looking for a realtor to help me find the right house, I was somewhat hesitate to select you as my realtor since we were related and we attended the same church. I always selected from the top 1% and even then I sometimes have to fire a realtor because they are not getting me the results I expect. It would be very awkward if I needed to fire you. As it turns out, I really didn't have anything to worry about. I couldn't be more pleased with you than I am. You helped me find a house in an area that I liked where property values are likely to increase, you handled the negotiations on the short sale creating a real bargain for me. You followed up on all aspects of the transactions to make sure everything was done right. Thank you from a very pleased customer.

Mike Scuka
Buyer in Boise
Jere was my real estate agent when I bought my first home in Boise 10 years ago. He was thorough, knowledgable and helpful throughout the process. It was truly a pleasure working with him. Over the years I've relied on his expertise in answering questions I've had on selling/refinancing. I trust his advice and value his opinion, and he is my friend.

Monica Peters
Seller in Kuna, Buyer in Nampa
Jere Webb did a fantastic job on the sale of our home and the purchase of a new one. He performed above and beyond our expectations.

Kim Paddock
Sellers in Boise, Buyers in Nampa
Jere was very attentive and thorough in helping us find a home that met the criteria we were looking for. He was also very prompt in returning phone calls and providing us with all the information we requested during our search.

Jim and Joyce Weathers
Sellers in Boise, Buyers in Caldwell.
We have been very pleased with Jere's professional representation on both the selling and purchase transactions. He managed each phase as a true partner. Both Pat and I had a lot of peace of mind knowing Jere was representing us.

Bob and Pat Wick
Investment Buyer in Eagle
We are happy customers. Nothing hidden, no surprises. Everything went smoothly. Jere is our first choice if we buying or selling real estate.

Earl & Karen Furman
Buyers in Eagle
Jere is your man! Professional, courteous, connected, Jere identified what really mattered to us, ensured our home was a match and introduced us to professionals that made everything else go smoothly, thanks Jere.

Peter Roberts & Kim Wilson
Buyers in Eagle
We appreciated Jere's ability to act efficiently and openly as a dual agent in our home purchase. He was able to act in the interest of both parties very well.

Dan and Marie Zacharda
Seller in Boise
Jere Webb recently handled the sale of my home when I was unexpectedly transferred out of state. He handled everything for me. He was reliable, honest and easy to work with. I cannot say enough about the value of Jere "handling" everything for me in my absence. I was confident in his abilities and he gave me better than expected results.

Kristy Benson
Sellers in Eagle
We were in a difficult sales position with our home a couple of years ago. It had been listed with another agent for 6 months with no results. Re-listed with Jere Webb and within 90 days he had a solid buyer. If Jere says he will work hard for you, you can bet your bottom dollar it will happen. We were also pleased with his marketing knowledge and use of the latest technology tools.

Mike and Conchi Ridling
Buyers in Caldwell
We found Jere to be an informed counselor when it came to choosing a home. He knew the areas and was well prepared to show us homes that fit, not only our financial means, but our needs and personalities. He spends quality time with his clients.

Jerry and June Peterson
Buyers & Sellers in Boise
Jere Webb is a most energetic Realtor with a genuine interest in serving his clientele very well. He is right up to date in using modern technology and is a real pleasure to be around during all phases of the transaction. His ethics and relationships with others are reflected in his support of God and his Church; and this is done in a way that is acceptable to those of any faith.

Royce & Lennie Larson
Buyers in Star
Jere is wonderful! He became a friend staying in contact to make sure that we were settling into our new home well. We appreciated all of his dedication, time and energy.

Frank and La Donna Skupowski
Buyers in Wilder
I want to thank Jere for his unrivaled dedication in helping us find a place. His diligence paid off for us - Big Time!

Joe & Cherie Rubens
Sellers in Caldwell
Jere Webb worked very hard for us and we would highly recommend him!

Bob & Sylvia Howell
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